Winter Garden

On a rainy afternoon in April, when I arrived a few minutes early for a dentist appointment, I went to the Winter Garden to relax. The Winter Garden is a third-floor oasis for the people who work in the Medical & Dental Building in downtown Seattle and includes a flower shop and snack bar.

I was thrilled to see an indoor garden that featured wall plantings of Bromeliads and other tropical flowers.

I began snapping photos until the moment I had to leave for my appointment.

And so began the Winter Garden study.

Large Purple Bromeliad in Waterlogue
Large Purple Bromeliad
Large Yellow Bromeliad in Waterlogue
Large Yellow Bromeliad Large Pink Bromeliad in Waterlogue

Large Pink Bromeliad

Small White Flowers in Waterlogue
Small White Flowers
Three White and Green Leaves in Waterlogue
A Trio of Variegated Leaves
Red Peace Lilies in Waterlogue
Red Peace Lilies
Small Pink Flowers in Waterlogue
Small Pink Flowers
Small Yellow Bromeliad and Gray Wall in Waterlogue
Small Yellow Bromeliad and Gray Background
Small Violet Bromeliad in Waterlogue
Small Violet Bromeliad
Large Red Bromeliad with a Black Center in Waterlogue
Large Red Bromeliad with a Black Center