Waterlogue Flowers

It was a joyous day when I discovered the Waterlogue app. In our home, I am the writer and my husband is the (very talented) artist. Between you, me, and the wall, I (lamentably) couldn’t draw or paint my way out of a bag.

So the Waterlogue app has opened new worlds for me. . .with its 10 different watercolor styles (Vibrant, Bold, and Color Bloom are my favorites) I am suddenly an artist!

Much like with Hipstamatic, another favorite app, I love to take a photo, then watch what appears once it is “Waterlogued.”

Dreamy Orchids
Twin Tulips
Eye to Eye With a Crimson Tulip
Lush Yellow Tulips
Bright Lights
Yellow and White Hyacinths
A Single Blush Tulip
Eye to Eye with a Red Tulip
Violet Haze
Pretty in Pink
Spiky Crimson Tulips
Rose Tulips Reaching Toward the Sun
Ode to Vincent Van Gogh
Tulips in a Tulip Vase