Waterlogue Flowers

It was a joyous day when I discovered the Waterlogue app. In our home, I am the writer and my husband is the (very talented) artist. Between you, me, and the wall, I (lamentably) couldn’t draw or paint my way out of a bag.

So the Waterlogue app has opened new worlds for me. . .with its 10 different watercolor styles (Vibrant, Bold, and Color Bloom are my favorites) I am suddenly an artist!

Much like with Hipstamatic, another favorite app, I love to take a photo, then watch what appears once it is “Waterlogued.”

Luscious Lilacs in a Royal-Blue Vase
A Ruff of Vibrant Pink Peonies
A Garden Party of Yellow Tulips
Lilacs in a Celadon Vase
A Tangle of Tulips in a Test Tube Vase
Pink and White Peonies in a Glossy Black Vase
Pretty Spring Flowers in Clear Glass Vase
Purple Tulips and Daffodils Standing at Attention
Three Peach Tulips
Twin Tulips
Lush Yellow Tulips
Bright Lights
Yellow and White Hyacinths
A Single Blush Tulip
Pretty in Pink
Spiky Crimson Tulips
Rose Tulips Reaching Toward the Sun
Ode to Vincent Van Gogh
Tulips in a Tulip Vase