Welcome to Braiden Blossoms, a place of beauty and respite from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Take a moment to ponder the photographs, which include literal “blossoms” (flower photos) and figurative and metaphorical “blossoms” captured by the website’s founder and editor, Braiden Rex-Johnson.

Of note is that all of the 140+ photos on the Braiden Blossoms website were taken with Apple iPhones, beginning with a trusty iPhone 4s, moving on to an innovative iPhone 6 Plus, and most recently to the amazing iPhone XS Max.  

Most of the images have been enhanced with various apps, such as Hipstamatic or Waterlogue, and/or filters available in Apple’s Photos platform.

Photos on the Braiden Blossoms website are divided into 14 categories.

Delight in three types of Flowers–those photographed using the Hipstamatic app or “painted” using Waterlogue–or Formal Flowers, which were photographed in studio. 

Travel back in time when you click on the Nostalgia button. Giggle at the Whimsical photos. Fall in Love again!

Experience a reverent moment when scrolling through the Religious ImagesLook away (or look more closely!) at the photos in the Remains section.

Muse over the intricate geometric Patterns. . .marvel at the colorful swirling reflections among the Rosé Jewels. . .or take a stroll through the Winter Garden

Whet your appetite when perusing Food in all its glory. “Sip” some Wine

Take an armchair journey when scrolling through the Around the World images.

In short, enter the Braiden Blossoms world. . .and be swept away.