Welcome to Braiden Blossoms, a place of beauty and respite from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

In this highly visual website, you’ll discover literal “blossoms” (flower photos) and figurative and metaphorical “blossoms” captured by the website’s founder and editor, Braiden Rex-Johnson.

Delight in three types of Flowers–Waterlogue Flowers, Floral Color Blocksand Formal Flowers. Or wander through the Winter GardenTravel back in time when you click on the Nostalgia button. Giggle at the Whimsical photos. Muse over the intricate geometric Patterns. Listen to some Music. Choose to exercise your Power of One or maybe even fall in Love! 

Take an armchair journey when scrolling through the Around the World images or iconic panoramas from Seattle or the world-famous Pike Place Market. For the newest Braiden Blossoms paintings, please have a look at the ever-changing images on Braiden’s Instagram feed, below. 

In short, enter the Braiden Blossoms world. . .and be swept away.