Rosé Jewels

I adore Rosé and don’t just save it for easy summer drinking, but enjoy it year-round. An elegant option is the Gérard Bertrand Cote des Roses, which not only tastes good but comes in a gorgeous bottle with a rose-like sculptured bottom.

Just for fun, I turned the bottle on its side and took a photograph of the bottom of the bottle. It looked magical–like some sort of ornate gemstone.

First Rose

Wanting to enhance its natural beauty, I took our set of colorful battery-operated “candles” and began playing around with the various colors. Here are some of those early shots.

Amethyst Rose
Aquamarine Rose

But I didn’t like the cropping on those first few roses. So I repositioned the bottle and found the angle I preferred.

Here are some of my favorite “jewels.” I have presented them without captions so you can just enjoy them without thinking.

Purple Rose

Blue Rose

Blue Rose 2

Peridot Rose

Violet Rose

Rose Rose