The category I call “Remains” is also sometimes referred to as “Ruin Porn.” In my mind, it shows the beauty in things left behind. . .used. . .spent. . .abandoned. . .even discarded.

Even though some might consider the subjects of photos to be “trash,” often (at least to my eye), they are beautiful in a sad, stark sort of way.

But then, “beauty” is often in the eye of the beholder.

If nothing else, Remains photos can trigger powerful feelings or emotions in the viewer. Some even evoke visual “smells!”

Soft-Boiled Egg
Discarded Spring Bouquet
Pompeii “Survivor”
Whole Roasted Fish
Abandoned Construction Site
Pioneer Square Bathroom Remains
Furniture Remains
Clams in Marinara Sauce
Gloucesta’ Lobsta’ Shell
Shellfish Dinner