Power of One

The Power of One (#PowerofOne) philosophy explores the impact a single flower can have when placed on its own in an arrangement. The philosophy seems strangely prescient in our current world, where everyone of us has the power to make a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether you submit to in-home isolation or are under self-quarantine; are being careful about social distancing; wear a mask to the grocery store or doctor; have opted to video chat with family and friends in lieu of in-person gatherings–ALL OF THESE SMALL ACTS HELP OTHERS STAY SAFE FROM THIS DEADLY DISEASE.

How are YOU exercising your #PowerofOne today?

Single Pink Tulip in Infinity Vase
Single Ivory Tulip in a Clear-Glass Vase
Single Red Tulip in a Violet Terracotta Vase
Single Purple Tulip in a Clear-Glass Cylindrical Vase
Single Red Tulip in a Blue Buddha Vase
Single Crimson Dahlia in a Celadon Vase
Sunflower in Van Gogh Vase
Single Pink Tulip in a Glossy Purple Jellybean Vase
Ivory Tulip in a Royal Blue Vase
Single Tulip in Celadon Vase
Single Red Tulips in Three Small Vases