Hipstamatic Flowers

I was an early adopter of the Hipstamatic app, which produces photos using different analog “lenses.” When it first started, the lense choice was random, and I delighted in seeing how each base photo would turn out. Black and white? Light leaks? Black border? Scratched and crumpled?

It was kind of like putting your nickel into the gumball machine and wondering which color will come out after you turn the handle.

As I reviewed thousands of photos for inclusion into the Braiden Blossoms website, I realized how many of my Hipstamatic photos were of flowers. Here are some of the ones that really caught my eye.

A Circle of White Roses
Georgia O’Keefe Tangerine Lacy Flower
Georgia O’Keefe Orchid
Drooping Tulips
Stargazer Lilies
Yellow and White Bounty
Formal Flowers
Ghostly Ecru Flowers
Friendly Faces
Canary Yellow Quartet
Tulip Bells