Bouquet-a-Week Project

The Bouquet-a-Week Project: Week Twenty-Seven

One of the most special afternoons during our Dover-to-Reyjkavik cruise in May was a visit to Arduaine Garden, a National Trust of Scotland property located 20 miles south of Oban.

It is a magical place, full of bright colors and sweet fragrances thanks to specimen plants collected from across the globe.

Arduaine Garden evokes glamorous destinations, which is no coincidence since, “the garden was begun in 1898 at a time when curiosity about foreign travel and an appetite for the exotic were all the rage,” according to the garden’s website.

Although located on a windswept coast of Argyll in the Western Highlands (a place you might not associate with warm climes), Arduaine enjoys the warming benefits of the North Atlantic Drift, allowing for a wider range of plants than is usual in this part of the world.

Pulling another interesting factoid from the garden’s website, I learned that the name “Arduaine” is a Gaelic one, meaning “green point” or “promontory.” It is generally pronounced as “Ard-doo-a-nie,” though this is something about which Gaelic scholars regularly disagree!

Plants from across the globe thrive here. You’ll discover towering rhododendron bushes, azaleas, magnolias, giant Himalayan lilies, camellias, tree ferns, and water lilies from as far afield as East Asia to South America as you wander the twirling foot trails.

Here are six of my favorite photos (culled from dozens I snapped that afternoon!) “painted” using the amazing Waterlogue app.

Which do you like best? As I finish writing this post, my favorite is Bold Pink Hearts, although Tall Trees and Stumps is dreamy as well.

Bouquet-a-Week Project Arduaine Garden Flowery Fireworks
Arduaine Garden Flowery Fireworks


Bouquet-a-Week Project Arduaine Garden Bold Pink Hearts
Arduaine Garden Bold Pink Hearts


Bouquet-a-Week Project
Arduaine Garden Color Burst


Bouquet-a-Week Project Arduaine Garden Venerable Tree
Arduaine Garden Venerable Tree


Bouquet-a-Week Project Arduaine Garden Two Scarlet Tulips
Arduaine Garden Two Scarlet Tulips


Bouquet-a-Week Arduaine Garden Tall Trees and Stumps
Arduaine Garden Tall Trees and Stumps